Multiple internet connections

Al Johnson openmoko at
Wed Jan 14 01:34:44 CET 2009

On Tuesday 13 January 2009, Leonti Bielski wrote:
> Hello!
> Is it possible to use multiple internet connections on Freerunner at
> the same time?

There are several possible ways depending on circumstances. Bridges, routes or 
iptables rules could all do this to some degree. Now would be a good time to 
start reading linux networking howtos and documentation.

> Say I want to use ssh via GPRS, and all other programs via WLAN or
> usb. Is it possible?

I think it could be done with packet marking and some interesting iptables 
rules. If you know what ports the app uses then it would be easier. You 
probably don't really want to do this though.

> Real life example - in my university we have very good unlimited WiFi,
> actually 2 of them. In my dormitory room I have connection limited by
> proxy (no torrent :().
> What I want to do is to leave my FR at school at some place safe,
> connect it to wall charger, insert 4GB memory card in it, and turn on
> gprs connection.
> Then I would go home, log in to my phone via GPRS, then connect to
> WIFI and start downloading some stuff via torrent on my memory card.
> Neat :D

If you know your home IP address, or address range, you can set the default 
route to be via wifi, but the route to that address or range to be via GPRS. 
There is a problem though; with the telcos in the UK the GPRS connection is 
usually on NAT, so you can't actually ssh into the phone over GPRS. You could 
probably get the phone to initiate an openvpn connection to your home and 
keep the connection open though, and you could then ssh in over the VPN. Or 
you could make a standard modem-style GSM data call to the phone and use 
screen to keep your session running when you end the data call.

BTW this would probably violate several points of your university acceptable 
use policy, and in some places would be enough to get you kicked out.

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