shr- GPS howto?

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at
Wed Jan 14 12:17:46 CET 2009

Fernando Martins wrote:
> No luck:
> - I've setup date and timezone;
> - GPS is on, per /sys/class... incantation
> - demon fso-gpsd is on, checked with ps
> - telnet comunicates with gpsd but no good data
> - tangoGPS doesn't find GPS device
> I have no idea of the reception capabilities of om (or GPS devices in 
> general): is it supposed to work indoors?

Open shr settings (one of the icons) and make sure
gps is on there.  I don't need any sys/class stuff
to use the gps with SHR. SHR image of dec.16 should be ok,
one of the earlier ones had gps not working. Also,
not all "alternative" kernels have working gps.

Go outside, get away from tall buildings.
Start tangogps, stand still.
It may take 2 minutes to get a fix with some bad luck.
Moving around makes this worse. Tall buildings make this worse.
Starting tangogps indoors and then going outside may take
more time. So if you look at the map indoors, restart tangogps
when you get outside.

The gps may or may not work indoors - if you come in from
outside. Don't expect the gps to start up indoors though.
don't expect gps to work at all in a building with several floors
above you.

Gps units generally need a stronger signal to start up,
then they can follow weaker signals in less
than ideal areas. But it won't start up in "bad" places.

Helge Hafting

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