buzz fix (was: Pulster offer - Freerunner now 249 eur)

Marcel tanuva at
Wed Jan 14 12:59:42 CET 2009

Am Tuesday 13 January 2009 22:57:57 schrieb Martin Bernreuther:
> Hello,
> Am Dienstag, 13. Januar 2009 schrieb arne anka:
> > > I am kind of not understanding why the OM team is not helping on this
> >
> PLEASE no more "READ THE ARCHIVES" platitudes! But more Wiki Links ;-)
> On the other side please no baseless accusation of the OM team!
> No. This should be no offense and I can understand that it's
> annoying, if people always ask the same questions. But...
> Recently I was searching for a solution to one of my various
> FR problems and Google pointed me to a archived email
> of someone asking the same on this list. Great! But
> when I read the answer "read the archives" (from "arne anka")
> my problem was still not solved!
> If you watch somebody drowning, will you tell him it's wise to
> learn swimming or throw a lifesaver?
> Do you really expect a newbie to read all archived emails
> of the past (most of them maybe outdated). And this list is "noisy"!
> The focus might also change. Starting with distro A,
> someone might not follow a discussion with a problem of distro B.
> Changing to distro B, it's also hard to get all the information from
> the archives.
> Looking at the wiki, it's sometimes hard to find the right entry.
> With all these distros it's also sometimes confusing, which method
> works for which setup. It's hard to keep everything up to date with
> this sometimes fast development.
> If there's some outcome of a discussion, it should be
> gathered on the wiki. IMHO it's a waste of time, if all people
> read all these emails in the archives in the first place.
> Usually people first read books to get a basic knowledge
> and articles as a supplement for the latest news. It's not
> common e.g. to learn the basics of physics reading all the
> letters between physicist of the last centuries, but reading
> a book accumulating  the results.
> Sorry for that off-topic email (no one should feel offended)
> and special thanks to the wiki writers!
> Regards,
> 	Martin Bernreuther

Martin, you just said what was floating around my mind (in one shape or 
another...) since a few days. We should _always_ stimulate people to add 
their knowledge to the wiki when a problem gets solved or when news get 
announced here. Actually finding something on a wiki is waaaay easier than 
searching in millions of mails, each month on its own. Especially on such a 
high-traffic (and kinda noisy, as you said. That's is nothing bad, that's why 
its a mailinglist and not a wiki!)

I repeat myself: We successfully got so far and nearly every distro-specific 
thread is tagged accordingly - now it would be helpful to tell people that 
editing the wiki is no sin. :)


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