Function - Plotter for OM,

Aapo Rantalainen aapo.rantalainen at
Wed Jan 14 13:04:44 CET 2009

I tryed to build arm version of gnuplot with mokomakefile, but it
doesn't believe that I'm crosscompiling it.

./configure \
 --build=i486-linux-gnu \
 --host=${TARGET_SYS} \

configure log says:
checking whether we are cross compiling... yes

But error is:
| ./doc2gih: ./doc2gih: cannot execute binary file

I tested what happens if I change doc2gih from my local gnuplots
doc2gih, then it passes this steps, but gives another 'cannot execute
binary file'-error, and I'm afraid this is endless way.
(I have succesfully compiled e.g openttd, which also compiles some
helper binaries for local architecture and only final binary is for
target, so gnuplot has something weird.)

-Aapo Rantalainen

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