Conflict when several apps use the accelerometers?

VirtuAlex virtualex at
Wed Jan 14 15:40:48 CET 2009

Thomas Otterbein wrote:
> Perhaps a "Accelero-Deamon"? Applications could register for receiving, 
> probably even already pre-processed, events. And an application could also 
> request exclusive access in which case the others would just not receive 
> further events.
> So, problem's solved! Could we please get a working demo by tomorrow? ;-)

Fully exclusive access is not a solution. It just defeats the purpose of
multitasking. Actually I think the window manager should dispatch
accelerator events, like it dispatches the mouse events. Only focused
application should receive them and decide what to do with them - rotate
screen, or move some goblin. Screen rotation should be also function of
window manager. Apps should only set hints to the window manager regarding
preferred orientation if they have one, and change the hint according to
their own algorithms. The window manager should decide screen orientation
based on focused app. In short, there's no need for daemon, cause the only
software which talks directly to proposed daemon is actually window manager.
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