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On Wed, 14 Jan 2009 16:02:02 +0100, Daniel Spies
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> Dear community,
> I am in the list now since before the release of GTA01 and used to read
> most of the messages. After the release of GTA02 a huge flame war started
> and after some mails regarding the future of OM I was unsettled and
> to wait for a while. The amount of mail per day increased and I could not
> read all of them any more. So now I'm really not up to date and am not
> what's all about.
> I hope someone could answer me a few questions... :)
>  - I'm developing a lot with OpenGL these days, is there any way to get a
> usable 3d performance on the GTA02 today/plans for the future?
>  - Is there any major issue with the GTA02 hardware (e.g. possibility of
> getting destroyed hardware by the battery or whatever)
>  - I know staff won't tell me much about GTA03, but I hope to just get
> information if the case design will be different? I'm fine if one could
> tell me if it will be _not_ egg-shaped and will have _no_ hardware
> (just like the GTA01/02 but not egg-shaped). I don't like the design...
> Maybe there is a rough painting or something?
>  - What about the OS thing? When I stopped reading there were messages
> saying the "core" of OM will be decided and programmed by OM internals.
> What is the status now, what is done by OMs only? 
>  - Maybe there is a information page about the GTA03 and I just didn't
> it, is there?

Okay I found http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/GTA03 in the meantime, sorry. 
So what about the case, any paintings already?

By the way, I just ordered my Freerunner! :)

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