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On Wed, Jan 14, 2009 at 6:54 AM, Lothar Behrens
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> Hi,
> if not yet posted: I have found a dual touch / multi touch input device for
> pens and fingers.
> It may be interesting, if GTA3 design not finished yet. But I don't know
> about availability :-)
> http://www.n-trig.com/Default.aspx
> Lothar
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This looks good. I wonder about the openness of the hardware as well
as the drivers. I don't have any experience with the iPhone type
screen input, but I have had a Palm Z22 for two or three years now.
Its claim to fame is the "Graffiti" stylus entry feature. I can enter
the usual English alphanumeric characters including common punctuation
marks by fairly simple strokes. Entering additional characters (and
punctuation) requires a two step process. There is a special area,
about the bottom quarter of the screen which accepts only these

It would be great to have the functionality of the dual touch / multi
torch input in an open development environment.


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