GPSDproxy: send GPS data from gpsd to a remote server

Niccolo Rigacci niccolo at
Thu Jan 15 01:48:01 CET 2009


I released a little software to proxy GPS data read from gpsd to 
a remote server. I use it to store my live track on a Postgres 
database (running on my home server) via GPRS connection.

The software is hosted here:

This is the announce:

This is the first release of GPSDproxy, a small program which 
reads GPS data from a running gpsd process 
( and forwards it to a remote server via 
an UDP connection.
GPSDproxy is intended to be run on GPS enabled mobile devices. 
The main features are: 
* Very low traffic: can upload the position every 10 seconds, 
24h/24h, 7days/week and consume less than 100Mb/month (telco-plan 
* Assume an unreliable connection, like GPRS mobile. Uses UDP 
protocol without TCP/IP retransmission overhead. No akwnoledgment 
from the server is required. Assumes that some data can be lost 
(future versions can implement some sort of 
* Firewall friendly: mobile GPRS connections are often placed 
behind a NAT firewall, gpsdproxy works with just one outgoing UPD 
* Written in C for performance and small footprint. 
Included in this release there is the source code of a simple 
server (written in Python), which receives position data from 
several GPSDproxy clients and store it into a PostgreSQL/PostGIS 

Niccolo Rigacci
Firenze - Italy

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