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On Thu, 15 Jan 2009 16:35:22 +1100, Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman)
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> On Thu, 15 Jan 2009 00:28:18 -0500 Joel Newkirk <freerunner at>
> babbled:
>> all distros I've tested.  (2008.x, FSO, SHR)
>> Selecting the Illume (or Illume-SHR, or my in-development 'Serenity'
> based
>> off Illume) theme instead of ASU causes finger scrolling to be almost
>> unbearably slow.   WHY?
> its just much more complex ui/layout. drawing a single black rectangle is
> faster than scaling and blending 5 layers of images to get an effect.

I'd wondered about that, and in Serenity want to reduce it to just a
rectangle - personally I don't like the look of the extra layers. (granted
I've still got a ways to go before I've finished the theme, and many
remnants of the Illume theme still remain)  Bit by bit I've broken out
portions of the Illume edc and #include them (keyboard, config, shelf, etc)
which has made a huge difference in my ability to figure things out.  

Once I'm fairly happy with Serenity I have an ever-growing blog article on
the process that I'll post for anyone interested.  (as with my other
OM-related posts it will be released for cut'n'paste to wiki if someone
wishes)  My overall goal for the look of my FR is lightweight and dark
(similar to ASU theme) with digital clock, Illume battery, keyboard and
config, etc, plus 128x128 Oxygen icons.  (I plan to opkg the icons soon,
probably this weekend - given the scale I prefer I'd like to use the
256x256 but they're just too damn much to display and scroll well)
>> Also, a bug:  I usually have icon size set to 'very large' for the
>> launcher, (which makes this problem far more apparent) and have noticed
>> that if I try to finger-scroll too close to the bottom and hit an icon
>> whose icon image is not fully on-screen, it will ALWAYS select and
> launch
>> instead of scroll.  If the image is fully on-screen but the icon text is
>> off-screen, it will scroll, as it will 'grabbing' any icon that is fully
>> visible.  This is becoming a significant frustration for me as I
> constantly
>> launch unwanted programs with my thumb trying to scroll.
> this is a leftover of the flaunch (the 3 boxes at the bottom of om's asu
> setup
> that i just have as invisible in the illume theme), so events go thru
> without
> going thru the finger-scroll object that is over the region above this.
> (and
> this object basically modified events so they get special flags so other
> objects can hold off on launching stuff as they know the event is to be
> ignored
> and just used for information - not actions).
> i need to totally fix up illume and split it up - it is still basically
> the
> design that om wanted with almost no changes.

:\  What is this identified as in the edc, do you recall?  

Also, while I've got you 'on the line' as it were, where is the power
control themed?  (IE when I press power button, the menu that appears with
suspend, lock, etc)  So far I've been unable to locate it... :(  

And finally, what would it take to display each icon in the launcher as an
icon with text to the right, one per line?  not sure if I'd be happy with
it or not, but wanted to try and haven't figured it out yet.

Many thanks.  (for E, Illume, etc as well as the swift response)


Joel Newkirk      (blog) (FR stuff)

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