FSO unstable upgrade errors alsa-states and initscripts-openmoko

Viktor Bindewald vitei at gmx.net
Thu Jan 15 10:39:24 CET 2009

Am Mittwoch, den 14.01.2009, 22:27 -0800 schrieb qhaz:
> Upgrading from
> http://downloads.freesmartphone.org/fso-unstable/images/om-gta02/ repos I
> get the following errors.
> Downloading
> http://downloads.freesmartphone.org/fso-unstable/feeds/om-gta02/task-boot_1.0-r46_om-gta02.ipk
> Installing initscripts-openmoko (1.0-r0) to root...
> Configuring zhone
> Configuring mtd-utils
> Collected errors:
>  * Package alsa-states wants to install file /etc/asound.state
>         But that file is already provided by package  *
> openmoko-alsa-scenarios
>  * ERROR: The following packages conflict with initscripts-openmoko:
>          *  initscripts *
> Has anyone else had this problem?  Or any suggestions?

Same errors occured on my FSO testing installation yesterday. Now my
freerunner refuses to boot up properly: it pauses with some init errors
("respawning too fast", "no more processes left in this runlevel").


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