[ogsmd] Out-of-spec GSM number - who should I report to?

gt at ergoarte.ch gt at ergoarte.ch
Thu Jan 15 12:27:55 CET 2009


Thanks for responding!

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 12:46:34PM +0100, Daniel Willmann wrote:
> On Wed, 7 Jan 2009 09:28:09 +0100 gt at ergoarte.ch wrote:
> > 
> > I am seeing this error:
> > Jan  7 09:08:52 debian-gta02 2009.01.07 09:08:52 ogsmd    WARNING
> > Out-of-spec GSM number type seen: 160. Please report.
> This is binary b10100000 which means according to GSM 03.40, page 35
> type-of-number: National Number, numbering-plan-identification: Unknown
> It's definitely not out of spec and probably not even that unusual.
> The phonebookTupleToNumber function in gsm/const.py doesn't seem to be
> very smart. I started working on some functions for GSM addresses in
> the PDUAddress class in gsm/sms.py. In any case this shouldn't have any
> impact on functionality since it just prints out the warning.
> > I would like to report this, but where? What extra information would
> > be of interest? 
> All FSO related bugs should go to http://trac.freesmartphone.org/

Done, ticket #316

> I experienced the same "hangs" that you mentioned recently. I'm unable
> to answer the phone and the phone will keep ringing forever.

I'm not sure these are related. I get a forever ringing phone just by
dailing it and cancelling the call just before or after the neo starts
ringing/vibrating. Seems it doesn't receive/process the cancelation.

> Please try to reproduce the problem with log_level set to DEBUG in
> [ogsmd] and post your log.

I attached it to the ticket.


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