Is there an echo-free distro?

Yogiz yogizz at
Thu Jan 15 16:06:18 CET 2009


I'm currently using a quite customized but up to date version of
Om2008.9 testing (equal to Om2008.12?). It otherwise wonderful but I
still can't use the Freerunner as a normal cellphone with it yet as I
still get echo on the other side both for calls coming in and for the
ones going out.

My other phone is basically falling apart so I'll need to move to
Freerunner for phone calls as well so I'd like to ask, which distros
are currently the best for it. As I've understood the FSO does not have
the echo problem [citation needed] so I thought I'd move to that. Are
there any better options? I'd prefer a distro where I can use opkg but
If none of these have decent call quality then I'll settle for
something else.


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