Is there an echo-free distro?

Gabriel contact at
Thu Jan 15 17:17:11 CET 2009

Hackable1 is echo free no ?

(personnaly i have no echo)

kazer at wrote:
>> Yogiz schrieb:
>>> Hi,
>>> I'm currently using a quite customized but up to date version of
>>> Om2008.9 testing (equal to Om2008.12?). It otherwise wonderful but I
>>> still can't use the Freerunner as a normal cellphone with it yet as I
>>> still get echo on the other side both for calls coming in and for the
>>> ones going out.
>>> My other phone is basically falling apart so I'll need to move to
>>> Freerunner for phone calls as well so I'd like to ask, which distros
>>> are currently the best for it. As I've understood the FSO does not have
>>> the echo problem [citation needed] so I thought I'd move to that. Are
>>> there any better options? I'd prefer a distro where I can use opkg but
>>> If none of these have decent call quality then I'll settle for
>>> something else.
>>> Yogiz
>> QTe schould be with the patch described in the recent community
>> update... if you want to use your fr only as a phone...
> Since there is a known workaround, why doesn't it get applied? I know,
> it's an undocumented feature, etc. But until a better solution is found,
> it would be better than nothing imo.
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