[fdom] Re: [n00b] Sound not working?

Darby, Robin robindar at amazon.co.uk
Thu Jan 15 18:49:43 CET 2009

I've not gotten to the state where I've been able to upload files (other than flashing the kernel/root fs) yet!
I was assuming that using the dialer would emit noise.
Not using headphones, assuming the internal speakers should do something.
Don't think it's OS related since I couldn't get anything out of it using the factory installed OM7.2 (?) either.


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how do you check?
- headphones, speakerphone, speaker?
- start the mixer of your choice (aumix or alsamixer should be availiable)  
and pull controls up
- check if your sound emitting program produces errors
- try to load another state file manually

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