[fdom] Re: [n00b] Sound not working?

Darby, Robin robindar at amazon.co.uk
Thu Jan 15 19:04:11 CET 2009

Okay, forgive me if this is just really dumb; but usually when you use a phone, pressing a number on the dialer (hardware numbers on the front or software app. (i.e. iphone dialer)) will emit a dial tone corresponding (according to some magical logic) to the number?
I get no sound out of the thing whatsoever, not when I dial, not when it's ringing (?) - nothing.
I'm trying to ascertain if I've been sent a dud (i.e. the sound chip doesn't work) or if it's just a software thing.
Can someone tell me if there is a simple way to make the thing emit a noise (any noise); or is there some daemon in the os which I need to start or something?


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> I was assuming that using the dialer would emit noise.

care to elaborate? what kind of noise?
what happens if you call your voicebox?

> Not using headphones, assuming the internal speakers should do something.
> Don't think it's OS related since I couldn't get anything out of it  
> using the factory installed OM7.2 (?) either.

are you sure, you're doing it right?

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