[fdom] Re: [n00b] Sound not working?

Dylan Reilly dreilly at atariland.net
Thu Jan 15 20:34:48 CET 2009

I think FDOM has mplayer in it. You can try running "mplayer [path to
media file]" from a terminal.

The command "alsamixer" (terminal again) will bring up all the audio
controls you can modify. If you are running this from the device
itself it can be hard to see. Regardless, Look to see if the
"Headphone" and "PCM" (first and either controls, respectively) are
very high. The volume does not scale logically on the openmoko and
anything less than 80% on each may be hard to hear.

Maybe your device thinks you have headphones plugged into it. If so,
so sound will come out of the built-in stereo speakers. Try the
amixer -d sset "Amp Spk" unmute
to make sound from from them.

As far as I remember, the dialer programs do not make noise when you
press the buttons.

FDOM may have navit (a car navigational program) installed by default.
If so, it tends to steal your audio device and not give it back. Try
"killall speech-dispatcher" and then "/etc/init.d/xserver-nodm
restart" (the latter will restart the GUI). If that works, I can tell
you how to disable speech dispatcher by default.

On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 1:04 PM, Darby, Robin <robindar at amazon.co.uk> wrote:
> Okay, forgive me if this is just really dumb; but usually when you use a phone, pressing a number on the dialer (hardware numbers on the front or software app. (i.e. iphone dialer)) will emit a dial tone corresponding (according to some magical logic) to the number?
> I get no sound out of the thing whatsoever, not when I dial, not when it's ringing (?) - nothing.
> I'm trying to ascertain if I've been sent a dud (i.e. the sound chip doesn't work) or if it's just a software thing.
> Can someone tell me if there is a simple way to make the thing emit a noise (any noise); or is there some daemon in the os which I need to start or something?
> Thanks
>    Robin...
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>> I was assuming that using the dialer would emit noise.
> care to elaborate? what kind of noise?
> what happens if you call your voicebox?
>> Not using headphones, assuming the internal speakers should do something.
>> Don't think it's OS related since I couldn't get anything out of it
>> using the factory installed OM7.2 (?) either.
> are you sure, you're doing it right?
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