QWO (was Re: handwriting recognition)

Josh Thompson om-comm at joshandbianca.net
Thu Jan 15 20:38:01 CET 2009

On Thursday January 15, 2009, DJDAS wrote:
> arne anka ha scritto:
> >> I use QWO since December and I feel very nice with it, forgot any other
> >> keyboard and dictionaries....very good input method.
> >
> > what's qwo? the qtopia one?
> >
> > _
> Nope, look at this: http://www.nongnu.org/qwo/
> Bye :)

On what distro are you using QWO?  I just tried it on SHR, and nothing ever 
shows up.  If I ssh in to my FR with my display forwarded to my desktop and 
run it, it seems to work ok.

Anyone know how to make it show up in SHR?


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