Is there an echo-free distro?

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at
Fri Jan 16 06:38:57 CET 2009

Andy Kilner wrote:
> On OM2008.12 and I have significant echo.  I managed to apply a fix to
> 2008.9 but doesn't appear to apply to 2008.12.  Would really like a
> fix for this, I am using it as my day to day phone and for the most
> part I'm happy with it but I get complaints from callers about the
> echo.

Qtopia-x11 compiled under Om2008.12 should include my patch [1], and
with it I've NO echo at all (some long time ago I've also changed the
scenarios, but they shouldn't count so much).
I've not directly tested the Om2008.12 qtopia build since I'm running a
self-compiled (and personalized) copy in /opt/Qtopia, but about the echo
the code is nearly the same.



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