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Fri Jan 16 13:56:52 CET 2009

Hello gnublade,

On Fri, January 16, 2009 12:41, gnublade wrote:
> Not sure that wiki page is the best place to organise a meetup, as it
> doesn't give notifications.  How about we just arrange it in this
> thread?  If anyone objects we can set up our own list.

Fair enough, but it's still a good place for now to jot down notes and the
like. I also have a server and can donate CPU/bandwidth for a list. Don't
know why people would object, since this is hardly off-topic.

> I suggest 11th Feb.  That's (roughly) 2 weeks after the Cambridge meet
> so they won't clash and anyone that's interested can go to both, it's
> mid week as well so I'll be more able to make it ;)

OK, that a good suggestion, it's nice and safe date.

> Location: TBD, anyone suggest a good, quiet, central pub?

Opening shot:

Depending on the number of people, if we are a small group (8 and less),
The Dove Inn in Hammersmith is a really nice place. Food is OK, placement
is fabulous (right on the Thames, see link below) and it's easy to get to.
However, it is small and popular, we might have to book. What I really
like about it, is that it has an enclosed area out the back looking on to
the Thames if somedbody quickly need to nip out for a "fix" (be it getting
a GPS or nicotine fix...).

I will put this in the WIKI as a recommended venue.

The Dove details:

Jan Henkins

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