Yaouh! out (update for tangogps maps)

Risto H. Kurppa risto at kurppa.fi
Sat Jan 17 07:02:02 CET 2009

I run a little test: Timed how long it takes to scan through 150 tiles
(not all updated), it took 3:20. So for my 300 000 tiles it would take
about 4.6 days and this would leave me another 2.4 days to use the map
before it's re-rendered so all speed available is really appreciated

(ok, it's a long time since I downloaded the tiles so for example now
350/720 have been updated. Running this more often will not take quite
this long..)


| risto h. kurppa
| risto at kurppa dot fi
| http://risto.kurppa.fi

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