wmiconfig compile?

GNUtoo at no-log.org GNUtoo at no-log.org
Sat Jan 17 12:03:51 CET 2009

> Please send me your binary!
wmiconfig is at:
and I think the sources are at:

The problem is that the server is on the same line than my internet
connection...and it's ADSL so it's slow...(less than 100k/s expect
30k/s-50k/s)...so if everybody want to download from this server at the
same time it would be slow...
So I post it here in the case someone else needs wmiconfig or others
things(like abiword or games like wesnoth or frozen-bubble for instance)
but if you all download at the same time...it will be slow...
Also...some packages are experimental(not wmiconfig):
for instance xboard installs in the wrong directory(i'm fixing it right
now)...,I compiled wesnoth with boost 1.36(fine but not inside any of the
openmoko distributions) and mabe others things that I don't remember...

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