TomTom Carcharger reported to just work and other car charger issues ...

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today I have read about the car charger compatibility List that TomTom  
car charger (4N00.007) will just

So I wonder, that tomtom includes a car charger in the package as  
other do and openmoko didn't do so.

Why does openmoko did not sell one after it has proven to work to give  
a warranty ?

Wouldn't that stop all these car charger postings ?

Another option would be universal car to USB (A) charger like this:

Another idea would be an adapter (USB (A) female to USB (A) male) that  
contains a switch to activate
the ID resistor or simply with that resistor.

I think, this adapter will be very cheap and could be packaged with  
the FR using such an 2A Kfz USB adapter.

Another adapter seems to not fit into my cigarette jack (Hama USB-Kfz- 
Ladegerät 'Pico'). At least not in my Volvo V40 :-)*NO/articleId*166923/action*2563/searchMode*1/bySearch*00014094

It may fit in other cars, but the adapter form doesn't look like a  
cigarette plug.

There may be similar in other countries.


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