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kris Occhipinti metalx2000 at
Sat Jan 17 17:51:19 CET 2009

Well, a few months ago, before I have a FreeRunner I saw a LightSaber
application for the iPhone, I thought was neat.

So, I made My own for the FreeRunner Yesterday.

Here is the link

How to install:
Just un-tar it to your root directory and it should place everything where
it needs to be
and give you an icon on your desktop.

What it does:
Start the App and the phone sounds like a LightSaber Extending and then
Humming (You know, Like StarWars)
Swing the Phone Around and it sounds like you're having a LightSaber Fight.

Features so Far:
Sound, Vibration, and The Power Button LED flashes Blue on Swings.

Todo list:
Work on the GUI (Currently just a big exit button)
add buttons to extend and retract Saber ( so you don't have to exit the
program to stop the sounds )
And some sort of graphic or image of a Light Saber.
Add More sounds
Have buttons so you can choose the color of you lightsaber.

Sometimes while exiting, if you are still swinging the phone around, the LED
and/or the vibrator will stay on.
If this occurs, start the app up again and then close it with out swinging
the phone around.
I believe I can fix this with ease.  I just wanted to get what I have done
out before I continued working on new things.

I got the sound fx off a free sound fx website.  Don't know who made them.
I hope it is ok that I used them.
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