[debian] LXDE?

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Sat Jan 17 21:16:58 CET 2009

ok, i just played around with lxde and i am going to purge it immediately.
my main points:
- almost every component needs a font setting on its own. the default is  
10pt and that's so big you can't read anything, not to speak of buttons  
being out of reach
- while lxde is able to recognice the resolution of 640x480 it fails  
miserably at resizing its dialogs. there are no scrollbars and mostly the  
have a stupid with of >640 just becaus it seems to be hardcoded somewhere  
and thus dropdownlist etc are stretched to match that min width ...
- configuration facilities are sparse. so far i found one for  
"appearance", which does not match everything and one for openbox, the  
window manager. how to remove the lot of applets jamming the panle and how  
to add applets or another panel is impossible to say. the config files  
used sem to be rather obscure -- obconf, the openbox configurator, creates  
a rc.xml which obviously is not used; since the dialogs are too big i  
started them via ssh -X at the host, but whatever i did -- the changes  
never appeared on the fr; even manipulating manually the xml did not do  
- it might be more resource friendly, but it requires hal to run and fam  
or the like, the lxappearances tool requires gtk-themes and does not  
install without
- alltogether seems lxde far less finder/stylus friendly than xfce -- i  
started lxlauncher which offers a tabbed gui, like the eeepc has (had?),  
since i considered it far superior to a popup menu -- but after all the  
trouble with the fonts it started up with 10 or 12pt fonts; totally  
unsusable and no obvious way to change that (one should think that setting  
the font size with _two_ tools should be enough ...)

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