Jabra BT3030 experience anywhere ?

Lothar Behrens lothar.behrens at lollisoft.de
Sun Jan 18 10:50:26 CET 2009


I like to know if someone has used this bluetooth stereo headset and  
how the steps are to got it running.
Also I like to know what distributions are actually having a fully  
functional bluetooth.

I have had FSO image milestone 4.1 that at least was able to see the  
headset when scanning but I was
not able to do the bonding steps with the dbus command line samples,  
that I do not find today (link).

With that samples and the passkey-agent --default 0000 & I only got  
error messages that tell me
there is no reply to the dbus command. Removing the --print-replay  
didn't helped anyway.

Also I tried some python scripts that did not work due to a missing  
import (gtk). Where is the related module ?
I didn't found any with opkg list | grep gtk. There are some, but I  
don't know what to install. Any hints therefore ?

BTW, I updated my FSO image milestone 4.1 yesterday and got a brick :-)

There is an issue with the touch screen driver that doesn't function  
anymore. If someone updates, please capture
the output for review here (I haven't done it :-)

If there is any success with that pice I will know it.

I'll test another phone image today if I have time.



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