QWO tentative package for Debian is out

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Mon Jan 19 11:38:12 CET 2009

I tried it but i have a problem with dependencies: i miss libconfig6.
apt-searching i get: libcameleon-ocaml-dev - libraries from Cameleon
libconfig-any-perl - Load configuration from different file formats,
libconfig-apacheformat-perl - use Apache format config files
libconfig-auto-perl - Magical config file parser
libconfig-file-perl - Parses simple configuration files
libconfig-general-perl - Generic Configuration Module
libconfig-inetd-perl - Interface to modify /etc/inetd.conf
libconfig-ini-simple-perl - Simple reading and writing from an INI file
libconfig-inifiles-perl - Read .ini-style configuration files
libconfig-inihash-perl - Perl extension for reading and writing INI files
libconfig-json-perl - A parser for JSON-based configuration files
libconfig-simple-perl - simple configuration file class
libconfig-std-perl - Load and save configuration files in a standard format
libconfig-tiny-perl - Read/Write .ini style files with as little code
as possible
libconfig-yaml-perl - Simple configuration automation
libconfigreader-perl - Perl module for reading configuration files
t1lib-bin - Type 1 font rasterizer library - user binaries

which one is the right one?

On 1/18/09, Yaroslav Halchenko <site-openmoko.org at onerussian.com> wrote:
> I've built tentative Debian package under H1 (based on Debian), so it
> should work on any more or less up-to-date Debian-based distro
> deb file for armel is available from
> http://itanix.rutgers.edu/rumba/dists/sid/perspect/binary-armel/x11/qwo_0.3+git20090110+6db30-1~pre3_armel.deb
> or for i386 if you run Debian there as well
> http://itanix.rutgers.edu/rumba/dists/sid/perspect/binary-i386/x11/qwo_0.3+git20090110+6db30-1~pre3_i386.deb
> you can dget sources using this dsc
> http://itanix.rutgers.edu/rumba/dists/sid/perspect/source/x11/qwo_0.3+git20090110+6db30-1~pre3.dsc
> or just fetching from git repository (which will move eventually I hope
> into upstream's):
> http://git.onerussian.com/?p=deb/qwo.git;a=summary
> There is still an issue to resolve with .desktop file, so I am waiting
> on upstream's ideas/feedback, but you can give it a try on your phone.
> Also, I guess, it is needed to discuss proper way (alternatives?) on how
> to switch between different keyboards implementations on debian systems.
> For now, you can do evil:
> cd /usr/bin
> mv xkbd xkbd.moved
> ln -s qwo xkbd
> to have qwo your default keyboard appearing on AUX press
> since I had no time to figure out if used keyboard is configurable at
> all atm. but I've given a try -- qwo works fine -- I can enter text ;-)
> On Sat, 17 Jan 2009, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
>> >    nice news! but in which repos will it be placed? unstable or testing?
>> testing is frozen already, so it can't get in there directly, thus
>> 'unstable' (ie sid)
>> For testing (ie lenny atm) we can create a backport and I could host it
>> off my repository
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