Dead FR: does not boot

Peter Nijs peter at
Mon Jan 19 12:49:15 CET 2009

You could try hooking the battery connector of the freerunner directly to an 
alternative 4,5V source, like a battery. With the original battery in the 
freerunner you can check the polarity. Remove the original battery before 
connecting the alternative one. If, with a full 4,5 battery, your freerunner 
doesn't boot, and the cables, connectors,.. aren't broken, I would also guess 
something serious is wrong with your freerunner. When it boots, or partially 
boots, you know you can keep trying other combinations of 
usb/wall/laptop/power/aux/UBOOT (I think some uboot versions can handle the 
problem better). You can also completely boot withe alternative supply, plug 
in the wall charger and switch the alternative supply with the original 
battery. It will then start charging. If I remember correctly you can't see 
it's charging from the battery icon. #cat /proc/apm will tell you the truth.


On Monday 19 January 2009 10:57:45 Eildert Groeneveld wrote:
> Dear List
> the booting issue with a flat battery has been with us for some time, but
> allegedly also been solved.
> My FR seems to have a drained battery but no combination of aux/power and
> power/aux with usb/laptop and wallsocket could persuade it to enter life:
> it simply stays dead.
> Has this happended to anyone else? Perhaps the FR itself is broken?
> any suggestions?
> Eildert
> ps I have hackable1 (upto date last week) on it.
> I
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