Call for Illume keyboards and keyboard icons

AlexBKK at
Mon Jan 19 14:33:29 CET 2009

Hi there.
I'm an openmoko user living in Thailand, and I've just prepared a Thai
keyboard for illume that seems to work fine, as well as the language icon
with the Thai flag and the Thai "ABC", namely "กขค". Although I doubt
there's anyone interested (yet), I would like to share these files, please
see the attachments.
(The other components that need to be installed are Thai true type fonts and
a "Royal Institute" word list "riwords" in UTF8 for the dictionary lookup;
both things can be freely downloaded from and easily copied
to the phone.)

I have a question though: Is there any way to configure a keyboard so that
it doesn't add spaces after each word? Thai language is written without
spaces between words, and spaces should be included as punctuation only.

AlexBKK Thai.kbd thai.png 
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