[FSO] Building FSO with OpenEmbedded

Arigead captain.deadly at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 19:34:01 CET 2009

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Hello all,
    just tried to build FSO manually with OE and it failed on one of the

NOTE: package
task do_fetch: failed

I've been trying a few times over the last week and always seem to fail
on one package. It's a pain in the ---- as this build takes a bit of
time, especially on my eeePC. It's got a dual core Atom processor so I
must work out to switch on the  multiprocessing in OE.

Apart from the problems I'd like to ask about Building FSO and OE. I've
used OE before on Gumstix, but I'm by no means an expert at all. I do
however like some of the things in the Gumstix use of OE. As far as I
understand it the openembedded directory contains the various recipes to
download, apply packages, and build packages.

In the Gumstix development env there are three directories containing
package recipes. The bbpath variable is used to give the three priority.
User recipes have priority over Gumstix recipes, which have priority
over OpenEmbedded recipes. All this means is that if I define a recipe
for a package it will be used ahead of either of the others.

currently in the openembedded tree there are a few FSO recipes. I'm
trying to build fso-image which I want build and then change it to build
andy tracking kernel as the prefered supplier. I'd like to run the
latest testing of FSO to do a bit of testing and work on.

One package to go.

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