Speech dispatcher output to bluetooth (navit) ?

Lothar Behrens lothar.behrens at lollisoft.de
Mon Jan 19 20:55:59 CET 2009


as of the success of Jabra BT3030 I thought how to let speech  
dispatcher talk to the bluetooth device too.
But I didn't found anything in the documentation and the output  
modules in the speechd.conf file does not
seem to be able to.

Is there any way to redirect the output other than with a temporary  
file ?

My experience to play /opt/Qtopia/sounds/alarm.wav with mplayer takes  
about 12 secs to play these short three beeps.
That is to much time (ok I do an scp job, but that may be the cpu load  
simulation :-)

Using that in a script in combination with spd-say would probably not  
working for navit.

It would be great to use Jabra BT3030 for navit too :-)

Any ideas ?



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