gentoo on freerunner

Mathieu Rochette mathroc at
Mon Jan 19 23:09:22 CET 2009


I'm a gentoo user and I would love to get it running on my freerunner. 
However, I don't find details explanations.

One solution I read about (and seems great) is to install crossdev on my 
desktop PC to create a system for armv4t. I was using paludis but switch 
back to emerge recently. I think either one is ok?

When I got a full system on desktop, how do I install it on the 
freeruner? do i need to make the standart installation?

When the previous is completed, I can emerge binary package (compiling 
them on desktop). Then I won't need gcc, and all that stuff on the 
freerunner (RDEPEND stuffs). But profile will ask for them in the system 
set. Is it doable to remove gcc, autotools, etc. without having emerge 
trying to emerge them back? That could save a huge memory space I think. 
Maybe my 512Mo card will be enough -- I read about needing 2Go.

Finaly, I have a remark about the embded overlay I found (I guess the 
mainteners read this list). It provides fso software and various stuff. 
It also provide enlightenment. This is just a suggestion, but I think it 
would be better to rely on vapier's overlay for that.


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