Call for Illume keyboards and keyboard icons

Alejandro Sáiz at
Tue Jan 20 05:04:54 CET 2009

Thanks for the answer. Yes, in that sense there would be the same problem
with Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, but the input method for those languages
would also be more complicated, whereas Thai has more like a "normal"
alphabet (with almost twice as letters, but no upper/lowercase) so a layout
works fine with your illume keyboard. In that sense Thai would be more like
Hindi, Tamil, etc.


> > I have a question though: Is there any way to configure a keyboard so
> that
> > it doesn't add spaces after each word? Thai language is written without
> > spaces between words, and spaces should be included as punctuation only.
> > Thanks!
> aaah. unfortunately not. currently. sounds like japanese/chinese/korean. i
> suspect there will need to be a dictionary option here for all words if
> they
> add a space or not.
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