Pimlico on the Freerunner ?

Christopher J. White chris at grierwhite.com
Tue Jan 20 05:45:06 CET 2009

On Mon, 2009-01-19 at 13:57 -0600, The Digital Pioneer wrote:
> Looks useful. I've been needing a nice calendar app. If someone could
> package these, that would be great. I would, but I can't use the
> toolchain. :(

I was inspired, so I downloaded the source tarballs for Dates and
Contacts, compiled on Debian and tested it out.

First impression -- pretty slick.  Each uses about 12-13% memory, but is
very responsive.  

I created a web page for the project:


Debian section is my info, the Om2008 is based on another email in the
thread, so probably needs to be verified.

I'll try and get some packages up soon, but I've never packaged anything
for Debian before, so that may take some time.  I had to install quite a
few development libraries to get them to configure.


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