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> Thanks for the answer. Yes, in that sense there would be the same problem
> with Japanese, Chinese, or Korean, but the input method for those languages

yeah. i just put those "no space" langages off into the "need complex input"
bucket thus didn't know thai also does it. :)

> would also be more complicated, whereas Thai has more like a "normal"
> alphabet (with almost twice as letters, but no upper/lowercase) so a layout
> works fine with your illume keyboard. In that sense Thai would be more like
> Hindi, Tamil, etc.

aah cool. hindi and tamil don't have spaces either?

> AlexBKK
> > > I have a question though: Is there any way to configure a keyboard so
> > that
> > > it doesn't add spaces after each word? Thai language is written without
> > > spaces between words, and spaces should be included as punctuation only.
> > > Thanks!
> >
> > aaah. unfortunately not. currently. sounds like japanese/chinese/korean. i
> > suspect there will need to be a dictionary option here for all words if
> > they
> > add a space or not.

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