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Sven 'sleipnir' Rebhan odinshorse at
Tue Jan 20 09:27:13 CET 2009

2009/1/19 Mathieu Rochette <mathroc at>:

Hello Mathieu,

I'm a project members of the Gentoo overlay for the Freerunner.
In the last weeks we managed tobe included in the official Gentoo-Overlay.
So you can find our overlay at or
get it via layman. As Damien already said, it contains some cross-compile
fixes, ebuilds for the FSO framework and different PhoneGUIs, so I highly
suggest to start from the overlay.

Our biggest problem right now is the poor documentation... :-( One thing
you can do is to post to the
Mailinglist or join us in the #gentoo-openmoko IRC channel on freenode.

> One solution I read about (and seems great) is to install crossdev on my
> desktop PC to create a system for armv4t. I was using paludis but switch
> back to emerge recently. I think either one is ok?

Both should work.

> Finaly, I have a remark about the embded overlay I found (I guess the
> mainteners read this list). It provides fso software and various stuff.
> It also provide enlightenment. This is just a suggestion, but I think it
> would be better to rely on vapier's overlay for that.

We include newer versions of E17 and EFL to keep track of the fast
illume development. But the plan is to later feed back our work to
Gentoo in general and also to the Enlightenment overlay.

> Mathieu.


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