[Freerunner] Access GPS chip's parameters and navigational models?

Helge Hafting helge.hafting at hist.no
Tue Jan 20 11:20:52 CET 2009

Olivier Migeot wrote:
> Hi ev'ryone,
> I'm currently experimenting things with the Antaris chip, and I'm
> starting to like it - at least through FSO and it's gpsd compatibility
> layer. I've been browsing through the UBX protocol specification, and
> I stumbled upon one interesting parameter : the dynamic platform model
> of the navigational unit.
> Simply put : using this, we should be able to explain our chip that we
> are either by car or by foot, and get more serious tracklogs
> (providing this is doable, 'cause the doc states "(SW Versions 3.04
> and higher)", so I'm not sure whether or not we qualify).
> I did some quick tests, using my work phone as a reference (an HTC
> Trinity with a Sirf chip) : when logging car trips, both tracks are
> pretty close. Like a few meters. Far better than what I expected, at
> least. But when logging pedestrian trips (and I do quite a few), the
> Antaris starts to behave like ... a car. Every steep turn I took is
> throughly rounded on the Neo-based log. So I guess the current setting
> of our chip is "car". So I wonder : does anyone here know whether we
> got "version 3.04 or higher" of the software?
I see the opposite. My SiRF unit rounds a lot, and may decide to cut out 
a walk around the house completely. But I can walk the Antaris around a 
4mx4m square and record a square with nice sharp corners.

Helge Hafting

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