Pimlico on the Freerunner ?

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Tue Jan 20 11:37:00 CET 2009

> i find it very frustrating that i and others have lots of software
> ideas, that can be coded/re-packaged, but we're hamstrung by what
> should be a fundamental piece of software that openmoko does
> everything in their power to support

switch to debian and the whole fascinating world of debian packages is  
open to you.
openmoko has several times made clear that they have too limited resources  
to do _everything_ and that they are concentrating on hardware and basic  
everything above that is a community task.

and, there's still osmo, at least in debian taht offers the same  
functionality like pimlico, judging from descriptions and screenshots.

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