Pimlico on the Freerunner ?

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Tue Jan 20 11:53:33 CET 2009

> I'll try and get some packages up soon, but I've never packaged anything
> for Debian before, so that may take some time.  I had to install quite a

to create the debian infrastructure in plain sources i use
it asks you a few questions and the creates the debian/ directory. for  
version numbering you need to edit debian/changelog, for the description  
of the package debian/control, for configure options debian/rules.
to create a package run
fakeroot debian/rules binary
and you are good.
you could even use dpkg-buildpackage (which works with cross compiling  
too), besides the package at least it produces *diff.gz, *.dsc and  
*.orig.tar.gz which you can feed to the pbuilder if you don't have a cross  
compiling environment.

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