[OM2008-12] Wireless interface won't accept the DHCP offer...

john dowd jdowdster at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 22:07:22 CET 2009

I've configured the FR to use dhcp to get an IP address through the
wireless interface after it connects to the AP using WPA2. This has
been working for quite some time. I did have the occasional event
where the FR would get booted but it would just start cycling along
doing the dhcp discover and after a few minutes of this I would reboot
the FR and the next time up it would come and finish the connection
and I would have a good wireless connection to the FR.

I control both ends (I've created the AP using a laptop, USB wireless
dongle and the s/w application hostapd). The FR boots and negotiates
the wifi access but when it comes to the dhcp negotiation its failing.
I can see the AP listing the DHCP DISCOVER message and sending to the
FR (I know its the FR since the MAC address is correct) the DHCP
OFFER. The FR only prints the DHCP Discover message and never seems to
see the DHCP OFFER.

I haven't done any changes to the s/w on the FR and this problem
usually does go away after a few minutes but its now been a few hours
and doesn't seem to be fixing itself. I'm wondering what kind of
scenarios can occur where the dhcp client just can't use the dhcp
server's offer?


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