SHR Unstable

Pander pander at
Fri Jan 23 19:57:13 CET 2009

Paul Fertser wrote:
> Pander <pander at> writes:
>> Will the normal phone improvements regarding noise and buzz also be fed
>> back into the Om2008 distro?
> Om2008.x is dead. Get used to it. No, no improvements will be fed back
> there.
> And GSM buzz is a hardware issue! No amount of "flashing" can solve
> it. The fix was provided long time ago, aren't you tired to discuss
> non-working non-realistic ways to overcome the buzz instead of finding
> a guy who can solder?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for your reply. I was not refering to the hardware issue, I don't
have that one. I'm using Om2008.12 now (which is supported, not?). My
friends on the other end of the line can tell each time I have a new
version since other/new software related noises are on the line.



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