Xskat for the Freerunner

elh list at elste.org
Sat Jan 24 09:59:14 CET 2009


out of curiosity I just compiled XSkat [1] (a card game) for the
Freerunner. Not much todo though. Worked almost out of the box.
So if someone wants to enjoy a game of Skat (rules and everything
on [1] if you are unfamiliar with them) against his or her
Freerunner: I've made an ipkg [2]. Tested with om2008.12
(screenshot [4]). But it shouldn't need anything other then libX11.
For the window to fit on the screen it should be rotated first. A
little script does this automaticly (xrandr -o 3) and returns back
to normal (xrandr -o 0) after the end of the game. Just change
/usr/bin/xskat-om.sh if you like it any other way round, :).

Hope it works not just for me, :)

[1] XSkat Hompage: http://www.xskat.de/xskat.html
[2] XSkat Ipkg: http://www.elste.org/downloads/xskat_4.0_armv4t.ipk (172k)
[3] XSkat Src: http://www.elste.org/downloads/xskat-4.0-om.tgz (183k)
[4] Sreenshot: http://www.elste.org/images/xskat_screenshot.png

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