How to view Qtopia .pic files

Pander pander at
Sat Jan 24 10:51:02 CET 2009

Pander wrote:
> Pander wrote:
>> Marco Trevisan (Treviño) wrote:
>>> Pander wrote:
>>>> How can I view Qtopia .pic files on my Ubuntu machine and possibly
>>>> convert them to PNG/SVG?
>>> They could be converted back to svg, but I wasn't able to make the
>>> qtopia tool work for me.
>>> I suggest you to browse the Qtopia source to get the original svg files
>>> from which the pic files are generated.
>> Where can I download this tool? I'm interested in converting back and
>> forward to this format.
> Ah, it is called svgtopicture. Building it requires installing
> QtExtended SDK (.iso) via which needs VMware player (.rpm)
> rpm on Debian started complaining about not finding /bin/sh (while it
> was there) and running alian told me that the pre and post install
> scripts were skipped. So I abandoned this path in order to keep my
> system sane.
> Anyone else got svgtopicture successfully build?

In qtopia-greenphone-sdk-4.3.2.iso is another iso called qtopia.iso. In
there is a file called which contains:
However, this directory contains only a file whichs
refers to a main.cpp that is not found anywhere. :(

How to get hold of the sources or a build version of svgtopicture?

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>> Pander
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