shr- GPS howto?

Fernando Martins fernando at
Sat Jan 24 12:31:26 CET 2009

Thanks, arne, Helge,

I just made my second try this morning and I got a lock in 35 secs 
(tried two times, consistent lock time).  8-)

I don't know why the different behaviors, but I did the tests inside a 
party tent I've in the garden and after reading how GPS behaves in 
weather (rain, cloud, snow makes no perceptible difference), the only 
thing that comes to my mind is that last time the tent was probably wet 
or might even had a thin layer of ice (temp was 0ºC). I don't know if it 
was sufficient to compromise the reception (tent now is dry), but I'll 
test it again when I get similar conditions.


arne anka wrote:
>> slot. If it isn't there, then your phone have this problem.
> not necessarily. in fact, if you really have this problem you didn't  
> update your kernel a very long time.
> the gps/sd card fix is in all kernels available for a very long time now,  
> the hw fix is not necessary.
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