[shr] fso-gpsd

Michael 'Mickey' Lauer mickey at openmoko.org
Sat Jan 24 21:44:05 CET 2009

Am Saturday 24 January 2009 21:25:20 schrieb Petr Vanek:
> could someone please shed some light on fso-gpsd for me.
> i had understood that gps chip was turned on/off depending on whether
> fso-gpsd was running/not running.

No. fso-gpsd running or not is not what counts. fso-gpsd is just one client 
for the framework, there may be others.

> ow it seems that fso-gpsd should run
> all the time and depending on whether it has an active client it will
> turn the gps on/off?

This is correct, _if_ fso-gpsd happens to be the only client for the 
framework. There may be others. Only if the last client releases the GPS 
resource, the framework will shut down GPS.

> i can't seem to find dbud gps power method
> anywhere...

This is using the org.freesmartphone.Usage interface, see 
docs.freesmartphone.org -- yes I realize some introductionary material is 
missing. I promise to work on that after milestone5.

Hope that helps,


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