which file system for sd card?

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Sun Jan 25 06:06:25 CET 2009

Sean McNeil пишет:
> thewire wrote:
>> The Digital Pioneer пишет:
>>> The only reason they come with FAT is so windoze can use it. That said,
>>> I don't know much about filesystems, but I would generally go with
>>> EXT2/3 over FAT.
>> I'm no fs expert either, but i would generally advise to use jffs2 or
>> ubifs, as they are specially designed for use in flash memory devices.
>> Note that ubifs requires kernel >= 2.6.27.
> Neither of those filesystems are appropriate for sd cards. They have 
> wear leveling logic that is not necessary or a good thing as it is 
> already done in firmware for sd. 

Oh, i see. I was wrong then. Thank you for pointing that.

> An efficient journaled filesystem not 
> designed for memory devices (like ext3) would be best.

If SD firmware is "not clever enough" to expect anything that is not FAT
— I remember hearing about devices, that corrupt headers of other
filesystems because they excepted nothing but FAT.
It is also recommended to switch journaling off, because it would cause
additional writes. And this would not only wear the device, but also
likely not be of any help in event of sudden power loss because of some
internal details of SD firmware.

Now I again expect experts to fix my opinion ;D.

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