Over-quoting (was: Re: tangoGPS 0.9.5 is out)

Neil Jerram neiljerram at googlemail.com
Sun Jan 25 17:44:00 CET 2009

2009/1/25 Paul Fertser <fercerpav at gmail.com>:
> Neil Jerram <neiljerram at googlemail.com> writes:
>> The right client could handle that for you; as Google Mail (for example) does.
> Are you serious? Quotes are needed to remember context but you suggest
> to quote the whole mail with no apparent reason and to hide them
> later? WTF?

I think using software to solve a trivial problem is better than
getting cross about it, yes.

I certainly don't suggest quoting a whole mail; but if others do, you
can make life easier for yourself on receipt.


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