SHR Unstable

Tomas Riveros Schober triveros at
Sun Jan 25 18:04:54 CET 2009

Michael Sheldon escribió:
> Tomas Riveros Schober wrote:
>> so i had to remove the battery and start the phone 
>> again. After that the dialer app has never worked (crashes all the 
>> time), and neither does contacts or anything that accesses the SIM
>   Have you checked to make sure that your SIM is seated correctly? Try 
> removing it and putting it back in to make sure, it's possible that when 
> removing the battery you opened the SIM holder's catches slightly and 
> it's no longer making correct contact.
>   Cheers,
>    Mike
I've just reseated the sim card and I still have crashes on both apps 
(also, the contacts apps no longer shos anything, it's like it cannot 
read it properly anymore)


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