Is there an echo-free distro?

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Sun Jan 25 21:05:20 CET 2009

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> 2009/1/23 ezuall <ezuall at>:
>> Thanks for that, I will give that new SHR distro a try this weekend.
> I am trying SHR-unstable now.  I called my wife today, and she said
> something like "ah, at last, a normal sound".  She confirmed that the
> echo was much reduced; there was still something there, but very quiet
> and not significantly distracting.

A bit of a newb question that I've been meaning to ask and this seems  
to be the right context to ask it in.
Are you generally happy with your device ?
My Treo just went four-paws and I'm not happy with the models I've  
seen on offer that I might replace it with.

I'm not at all averse to software with rough edges, compiling/ 
building my own kernels, texting from the CLI, etc.
I do need the FR to act like a fairly reliable phone though, both  
here in the US and in Europe.
I travel a lot for work and projects, so a GSM phone I can just  swap  
SIMs on along with being a hackable Linux platform
has some appeal.

How many of you out there with FRs are using them actively as an  
everyday phone device, in addition to something to hack on ?
It would be good to hear feedback from users/developers in Germany  
and Italy (where I'll be next month) in addition
to inside the US(I live in CA).


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