Someone stole my Neo Freerunner... :(

Robin Paulson robin.paulson at
Mon Jan 26 02:12:03 CET 2009

2009/1/26 fredrik normann <fredrik.normann.junk at>:
> I'm a bit sad today, yesterday someone stole my phone. I helped a guy in the
> street calling his girlfriend, (or that what he said) and when I got
> distracted by a friend of him that asked for a cigarette he just ran
> away.... I can only blame my self for being stupid.... This happend in
> Montevideo Uruguay.

if your telco is half-way decent, and you tell them it's been stolen,
they should help.

i know vodafone in nz will help track stolen phones. so long as the
number was registered to you, they are in a position to assist. even
if the sim has been changed, the imei will remain the same, and that
will tie up to any activity with your number. give them a call, you
never know. at least they will be able to prevent it connecting to
their network, so no-one can use it. there may even be a nationwide
scheme for preventing stolen phones being used on *any* network

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