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Martin Bernreuther MartinBern at web.de
Mon Jan 26 02:22:03 CET 2009


Am Sonntag, 25. Januar 2009 schrieb Fernando Martins:
> I got a new SD card. Which file system is the best?
> In general, vfat or ext2 are the most recommended.
> Vfat might already be the fs in your card when you got a new one. It has 
> the advantage of being recognised in many other systems. The data 

...if this is needed.
(the FR uSD card slot is quite difficult to access and if
USB 1.1/WLAN/Bluetooth is not too slow many people
might prefer to leave the uSD card there most time...)


> ext is Linux centric but one of the most tested and tuned. It is also a 
> faster file system than vfat (citation?) and most importantly, if you 
> need, it supports permissions, which vfat doesn't.

What about the support for owners/groups, (symbolic/hard) links and device files?

And the Linux vfat seems to have problems with filenames containing colons,
see http://lists.kde.org/?l=kdepim-users&m=123210608518115&w=2
where someone did a "Backup" copy of his maildir files to vfat and didn't notice
that the destination directories where emty...

For me vfat was therefore always a makeshift/stopgap/... for a data exchange
with the Windows etc world, but not a competitive Linux alternative and not
"most recommended".

Good night
	Martin Bernreuther
Martin Bernreuther	MartinBern at web.de

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